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The Alternate Ending is a secret ending that occurs if certain steps are followed.

The Ending Edit

After playing through the game at least once and having all of the secret Orbs deactivated, you may replay the game and stop by the cornfield in the farmland where the second orb was located. After opening the hatch and entering the bunker, head to the closed door on the right. Next to the door there is a three-way lever, in which each direction plays a tone. To open the door, you will need to replicate a sequence of tones played from a VHS machine found near the fifth, twelfth, or thirteenth orb.

The tone sequence corresponds to the directions (with L being Left, U being Up, and R being Right): "L-L-L-U-U-R-L-R-R-R-U-U-U-R".

Once the door is open, the protagonist will enter a long tunnel, in a cave-like fashion. After a while, a ledge appears, in which the protagonist cannot climb back up. At the end of the tunnel is a ventilation shaft entrance that leads to a room with derelict orbs, a desk, and a chair with a mind hat hooked up to several computers.

Further down the room is a gate that, if opened, will reveal a plug. Should the protagonist unplug the cable, the mind control helmet hooked up to the computers will deactivate, the lighting will shut off, and the protagonist will enter a limp state similar to that of an idle albino.

The meaning is not entirely known, although many theorize that this either represents the protagonist being freed from the player's control, or that the cable being unplugged has freed every albino from being mind controlled (similarly hinting that the player is controlled as well).

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