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These are the main antagonistic forces that hinder the protagonist's progress throughout the story.

Guards[edit | edit source]

These enemies are most abundant at the beginning of the game when the protagonist runs through the monochromatic forest.

A pair of Guards shining a flashlight.

They wear black clothing and wear recognizable white masks with just two holes for sight. They patrol the areas they are in with flashlights. If the protagonist is spotted, he will be shot with a tranquilizer dart, forcefully drowned, or choked with a rag (or even bare-handed) depending on the environment he was spotted in.

Dogs chasing down The Protagonist

Holves[edit | edit source]

The dogs (named "holves" within the game files, possibly a portmanteau of hounds and wolves) are the animals trained to hunt down their target. They pursue the protagonist at times where there are guards and actively pursue them throughout the game in various places.

Their range of attack is a simple pounce, so if the protagonist is close enough to an object/area proved to bring safety, such as a fence or slope, the protagonist can escape.

At one point in the game, it is shown that the holves are afraid of fire. They retreat from attacking when the protagonist swings a torch at them.

Hogs[edit | edit source]

Hogs are found in the farmland and are not inherently aggressive. When under the influence of a mind-controlling worm, however, a hog will charge at the protagonist and kill them if they fail to jump over it.

Hogs will cease to be aggressive once the worm is taken out of them. Only one aggressive hog is encountered in the game.

Long-Haired Creatures[edit | edit source]

Long-haired creatures (also called mermaids, sirens, or water girls) appear in the underwater levels in the facility when the protagonist gains access to a submarine. They have long black hair, and some of them appear to have wires coming out of them. Their behavior is similar to the holves but restricted only to water, so the protagonist can escape by leaving the water.

A Long-Haired Creature having light shine on it.

The protagonist, if inside the submarine, can shine the built-in light to halt the long-haired creature's movements and force it to retreat, giving the protagonist more time to reach their intended location. These creatures can break into the protagonist's submarine and subsequently kill them, by forceful drowning, if the light isn't used strategically.

The protagonist, at one point, falls into the water and gets forcefully drowned. At this part, the creature is completely unavoidable. After the protagonist stops struggling and is undeniably dead, the creature attaches a plug-like device (similar to the ones attached to the Huddle) to the protagonist. In a few minutes, the protagonist is revived and given the ability to breathe underwater and mind-control without a helmet. No other long-haired creatures are seen for the remainder of the protagonist's journey.

It is unknown exactly how many long-haired creatures there are. A good estimate is 2 (one from the first encounter, and the second from the entire sequence of encounters leading up to the protagonist's drowning scene). However, there may be more, or even just a single one.

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