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These are the hazards that hinder the progress of the protagonist throughout the story.

Types of hazards[edit | edit source]

Taser Machines[edit | edit source]

These machines appear mostly in the monochromatic facility following the farmland to capture renegades and escapists. The front of any machine has a spotlight that patrols on a linear pattern; anyone found in its path will be ensnared with an electrified wire, paralyzing them before retracting them towards the machine. The protagonist can avoid being caught by hiding from the light, such as standing behind debris.

Another type of taser machine can be seen attached to the ceiling and patrolling a line of sleepwalkers, detecting and ensnaring any individual not acting in accordance with the rest. The protagonist encounters one when he accidentally falls into the marching sleepwalkers - to avoid being caught, you must follow the movements and actions of the others in line.

The Pulse[edit | edit source]

The Pulse is an unknown, interval shockwave encountered in the mines. It creates a monumental force that propels any objects within its path, including the protagonist. It occurs once every six seconds, with a forewarning of erratic lighting and bellowing wind. To avoid the pulse, shield yourself behind sturdy debris and large objects or walls.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

There are multiple enemies that are encountered, the first of which are the guards; they don dark clothing and plain white masks, and usually carry a flashlight. The player encounters this enemy the most in the forest. If the protagonist is caught, they will choke, strangle, or tranquilize him.

The second enemies you encounter are the holves, vicious guard dogs usually accompanied by guards. Should a dog spot the protagonist, it will chase him and kill him. Throughout some parts of the game, the player must maneuver using their environment in order to escape packs of dogs.

The third enemies encountered are long-haired, humanoid creatures that only appear in certain underwater environments. They will chase after the protagonist and drown him if he is swimming in the same water as them. Midway through the game, there is a cutscene in which one of these creatures drags the protagonist down and connects him to a device that gives him the ability to breathe underwater and mind control without a mind hat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Seán William McLoughlin (better known as "Jacksepticeye") says that the Taser Machines resemble the Machines from the animated film "9"
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