Notice: This page contains spoilers for the game INSIDE. Proceed with caution.

The INSIDE ARG is a series of challenges or puzzles from PLAYDEAD to the community, built both inside and outside the game. It has been on since July 23, 2016.

Origin Edit

This game started with a Steam Discussion called "A Compilation of Secrets and Mysteries (Spoilers)" in which many users of the platform such as i_hate_drm, Atøm, Talhante and Mastan collected many secrets from the game. Those included Easter Eggs (the LIMBO cup, the Gameboy and the Huddle Figurine) but also a series of discoveries which would later be solved such as the manunkind puzzle, the Ford cipher, the PC Morse Strings and the Trigger Elevator Start event.

The thread and the search on the game files also led to knowing the real names of characters or creatures. There's an imgur link which explains most of the secrets, but the Steam Discussion kept going without this collection being updated. After months of not getting useful findings, or after trying to solve the puzzles with no result, a printer button was discovered in PLAYDEAD's site. Some users migrated to a discord server to have a more organized talk about the game's secrets.

List of puzzles: Edit

Even if they could be nothing, or just PLAYDEAD playing with the community, this is a list of all possible active puzzles. Take note every item on this list is considered a possible puzzle for either being referenced as a secret on the game files, having a weird behavior (it doesn't matter if it's in-game or on any of PLAYDEAD's media) or being referenced from another puzzle.