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The Orbs are a group of round, glowing machines connected to yellow cables, scattered in hidden areas of the game. To get the Alternate Ending, all of these orbs need to be unplugged. The game keeps track of what orbs you have already unplugged throughout all playthroughs.

Orb Locations[edit | edit source]

Orb 1 is located at the lake after a few minutes into the game. Instead of swimming right, move towards the left and dive down to search for an underwater entrance of a cave. When you have the visual on the Orb, take the large wooden pillar on the left of the wooden structure and rock it back and forth until it falls onto the platform. Simply walk along the pillar to reach the Orb. This gives the "Murky Waters" achievement.

Orb 2 is located in the Cornfield. In the near middle of the field lies a hardly visible trapdoor you would need to open. Climbing down the ladder, the bottom will have a narrow shaft on the left and a vault door on the right. Climb through the shaft to reach the Orb. This gives the "Field Research" achievement.

Orb 3 is located near the wagon of dead pigs. By moving the wagon towards left instead of right, you will be able to climb on the wagon and remove a loose plank. Squeeze through the narrow entrance to enter the farmhouse full of dead pigs. Climb the rope in the middle, swing to the support beam on the left and jump onto a ledge, where the Orb is hidden. This gives the "Wee Wee Wee" achievement.

Orb 4 is located at the area where you smashed a hole through some planks with a safe. Once you jump down into the hole, remove the air vent grille on the left and climb through to discover the Orb. This gives the "Left Behind" achievement.

Orb 5 is located after sliding down the roof and grabbing the pipe. Instead of climbing up the pipe, go down, jump onto a ladder, and descend, and break the Orb, which should clearly be there. This is also where the recording to unlock the Alternate Ending is located. This gives the "Obscure Foundations" achievement.

Orb 6 is located after the area where you're required to use the submarine to jump through a floodgate. After reaching the area after the floodgate, smash through the underwater red door held up by a wooden plank. Instead of going through the next one-way red door, head to the bottom and horizontally knock over a box on the floor with a sliver of light peering out beneath. Go through the hole the box was covering up, head straight down the shaft and then all the way to the left. After surfacing, exit the submarine and climb the ladder. Plug yourself into the mind control helmet, and move the Albino onto the top of your submarine but not into the submarine. Then, dislodge from the helmet and get into the submarine yourself and move the submarine right beneath the second helmet hanging above the water. Ram the submarine upwards to plug the Albino in. Then go back to the first helmet to control the second Albino in the background to interact with the Orb near him. This gives the "Friends in low places" achievement.

Orb 7 is located after your first encounter and escape from the Siren. Upon closing out the Siren by breaking the plank holding the red floodgate open and ramming upwards through the other planks, surface the lake and head to the far left. You'll find a loose structure high up on a wall. Ramming your submarine left-upwards into the structure twice, a ladder will fall down along with debris. Get out of your submarine to make the leap onto a platform and climb the ladder to the very top, and the Orb will be just a bit to the left. This gives the "A Tableau" achievement.

Orb 8 is located after you get past the giant mine cart at the bottom level of three. Free the 3 Albinos from the cage all the way to the left and run back towards the mine cart. After you get down from the ledge with wooden planks, have all three Albinos assist you to tear down a plank on the ledge. You'll reveal a cavern to explore, where the Albinos won't be able to follow you. Head down the long ladder, and once you cross a puddle, you'll come across a torch on a pillar. Break the torch off the pillar to obtain it, and head straight left (If you head back towards the puddle with the torch in hand, the waterfall will extinguish the torch, making the Orb impossible to obtain without reloading the section). The dogs will be scared of your torch, but not when you're facing away from them, so point it towards the dogs on the right only when they are launching towards you, and make steady progress to the left when they are at a distance. Once you disable the Orb, the dogs will scatter away. This gives the "Pack Mentality" achievement.

Orb 9 is around the water you fall into when you push through a vault door. This will be your third encounter of the Siren. Swim up to the middle platform, run to the right side and jump back in to lure the Siren towards you, then climb back up before she grabs you. Now that the Siren is at the bottom right of the water, run back to the left, jump back into the water and swim towards left. By not stopping underwater, you should be able to reach safety before the Siren gets you, and the Orb will be on your immediate left. After disabling the Orb, push through the grate on the left to get out safely. (jumping back into the water on your right will get you killed) This gives the "Respite" achievement.

Orb 10 is located underwater after you gained the "water-lungs" ability from the Siren. After swimming through an office building, before going through the underwater vent, head straight downwards to find a sealed door. Break the frame and turn the red handle to unlock it. The Orb should be seen on the top-left corner after a short swim to the left. This gives the "Unfathomable" achievement.

Orb 11 comes reachable at the "clock" puzzle where a platform is needed to be spun around to a broken ladder. Spin the platform to 12 o'clock position and head back towards the left into the water. As you're running, you'll come across a brief dip where you fall into the water. Swim to the bottom and then go through a room to reach a small platform, where the Orb is located. This gives the "Clockwork" achievement.

Orb 12 is found in the room with seemingly inverted gravity and water on the ceiling. After getting the second Steam Box into the room, push it all the way to the right. There is a button high up, only reachable by using the Steam Box. After the platform lowers, use the Steam Box to push the button again to raise the platform. Jump onto the rising platform immediately to reach a secret room where the Orb is hidden. This gives the "Room for Reflection" achievement.

Orb 13 is available at the office with large French windows overlooking some running people below. You should have around a dozen of Albinos with you. After you successfully activate the elevator and gather around the Albinos, go to the floor aforementioned. Run out of the elevator and back in quickly, and switch on the elevator immediately to split up the Albinos, leaving some of them outside (at least 2) and some of them with you in the elevator. Switch the elevator back up to the office room, and the Albinos closed out should be on top of the lift. Slightly to the right of the elevator, in the office, will have a dangling yellow cable. Use the Albinos with you to boost you up and reach the cable. Climb it, and run towards the left. The Orb will be hanging from the ceiling, which will require the rest of Albinos to boost you up in order to reach. This gives the "Office Space" achievement.

Orb 14 is only accessible if you have successfully disabled all previous 13 Orbs. After sneaking past the scientists who are observing the Huddle, you'll come to a section where you should climb down a ladder and get into an elevator. Instead, climb up and pass through an air vent to come across the huge, final Orb. To disable it, walk inside to the far right, hold on to the wires (which are not visible), and pull backwards. You know you've succeeded disabling it when the lights outside the Orb turn orange for a while before finally shutting off. This gives the "The Last One" achievement.

Once all 14 Orbs have been deactivated, the alternate ending becomes available (visit that page for further instructions if necessary).

It's a long day's journey into night. Congratulations on finding all 14 Orbs!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Orbs 5, 12, and 13 all play the tones required to unlock the door for the alternate ending.
    • Orb 5 has a VHS player nearby which plays the tone, and Orb 12 has a nearby radio. Orb 13 does not have any obvious audio source, although there is a device on table next to it which may be a radio.
  • Orbs 3, 5, and 13 all extend an antenna once deactivated. It is interesting to note that Orb 3 is the only one to extend an antenna that does not play any tones, and Orb 12 is the only one that plays the tones but does not extend an antenna.

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]


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