The sleepwalkers are the people seen marching in lines in the city.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sleepwalkers visually resemble albinos, though they have hair, some of them are female (most albinos are presumably male or genderless), don casual monochromatic apparel. Likewise, they constantly slump while walking and remain in a limp position when not being controlled.

It is unknown if the sleepwalkers eventually become the albinos typically seen later in the game.

Mind Control[edit | edit source]

The sleepwalkers can be found being transported and unloaded at the city via truck. There, they march in unison one after the other in lines; they are patrolled both by guards as well as taser machines. The guards appear to be taking notes, and the presence of taser machines seemingly signifies that the sleepwalkers are either being tested for their accuracy and precision in kinesthesis, or their functionality for being controlled. For what purpose, though, remains unclear.

Following the tests, the sleepwalkers can be seen being shipped in rail carts and high-speed trains in the subway level. Their destination remains unknown, but it might be inferred they are on their way to be experimented on and, by that process, eventually become albinos.

Mimicry[edit | edit source]

During the protagonist's time in the city, he accidentally falls through the floorboards of an unstable upper-level and drops down into the line of sleepwalkers, knocking one out of its place. Being watched by guards as well as a taser machine, the player must copy the movements and actions of the others in line in order to evade being ensnared.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sleepwalkers make snoring noises, fitting for the name "sleepwalker." Albinos seem to only make grunts or groans, and human characters can make a variety of emotive sounds.
    • This seems to indicate stages of becoming less human and becoming a different form, from human to sleepwalker to albino.
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